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Protempo Promotions & Marketing Corporation (PTPMC) is a third party agency started in 1997. It was envisioned to address the growing need for contractual workers by companies who are in the business of selling and promoting consumer goods, food and beverages, household appliances, and pharmaceuticals. It started by supplying promotional personnel to principals who are in the market for Third Party Agencies who can offer value for money services via effective activation and implementation of their advertising and promotional projects. Such activities include product samplings, in store bundlings, cooking demos, in store refilling, and selling. Before long, clients started to approach PTPMC for regular merchandisers, and office staff.



Protempo shall be known as a trusted third party agency composed of driven, and seasoned players who bring with them solid track records gleaned from diverse backgrounds.



For our Human Resources:

  • We will provide quality jobs for qualified workers
  • We will enhance their quality of life as we become an instrument to realize their career aspirations.
  • We will nourish our employee's thirst for knowledge, and cultivate their positive attitude by sustained training and development

For our Business Partners:

  • We will become the preferred provider of value added services by responding to our clients' promotional and manpower needs with tenacity, passion, and flexibility.
  • We will offer personalized services borne out of professional experience.


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